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After experiencing every type of abuse possible, I decided I wanted something different. I began to look deeper into the problem. How did I keep finding myself in this situation? I took a break from relationships to learn about myself, what I wanted and what I deserved. I took time to learn how to love myself. Then I decided to pursue a degree in behavioral science to better understand the mental aspects of love. Once I had the knowledge, I was able to identify the problem areas in the relationships in my life. I began to notice my friends and family members struggling with establishing, building and maintaining healthy relationships. I took it upon myself to create a curriculum based program that would increase the chances of my loved ones finding love and keeping it!
I have been teaching batterers intervention classes for about 3 years. Teaching batterers how to have healthy relationships that are free from mental, emotional, and physical violence. I am a trained mediator and facilitator. I have a Bachelor’s degree in psychology/behavioral science, and I am pursuing a Masters in Clinical Counseling.
I am passionate about helping people build healthier relationships rather that be with family, friends, or significant others. A healthy relationship starts with a healthy foundation. It starts with you!


Building Blocks of Love
Building blocks of love is a course designed to cover all the essentials needed to build healthy relationships. Rather it’s with family, friends, or a significant other, this six-theme course offers a detailed look into building a strong foundation for a healthy relationship. The foundation starts with you! Class sizes are between 5-10 women or men. Women and men classes are held separately.

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Individual Coaching
The Evans Experience provides one on one weekly coaching to individuals looking to improve the quality of personal relationships. Coaching sessions are one hour in length. Each week we will go over a theme from The Building Blocks of Love and apply it to current, and past relationship. Each client will set individual goals that we will work together to accomplish.

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Couples Coaching
Like individual coaching, Couples coaching provides weekly coaching to couples looking to improve the quality of their relationship. Coaching sessions are one hour in length. Each week we will go over a theme from The Building Blocks of Love and apply it to your current relationship. Each couple will set goals that we will work together to accomplish.

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Getting Back In The Game
The Evans Experience offers a support group for women who have experienced unhealthy relationships, and are finding it hard to get back in the game. Learning how to love and trust after a breakup can be tough. Having other women for support during this challenging time makes it much easier to get back in the game.

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Co-Parenting 101
The Evans Experience offers support groups for men who are co-parenting or have recently experienced an unhealthy relationship. Co-parenting after an unhealthy relationship or breakup can be tough. Learning how to communicate, and do what is in the best interest of the kids without feeding into negativity is a must. Having other men that have had similar experiences to talk to makes life just a little easier.

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Online Coaching
The Evans Experience offers online coaching where I am made available to you seven days a week.

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When this thing all started I thought that I was incapable of loving someone the right way but after a few sessions with you I have learned that my mistakes and choices and made me feel this way I let people into my life and into my heart that were not supposed to be but you live and you learn and now I’m in the growing stages of getting back to who I am because of you I’ve always dealt with more than just issues of the heart I’ve dealt with lack of confidence and other things so I’ve always let my talent compensate for what I felt I was lacking and thanks to you I am on the roads believing in love again I’m still a damaged soul but I’m in the repair stages thanks to you.

Cameo Holiday

When I first came to you I didn’t know how to be loved, and wasn’t sure that I wanted to be. After going through the building blocks of love I learned that loving myself first, building myself up and working on me will help me to attract people who are worthy of my love. Thank you for helping me to fix me so that I can stop worrying about fixing everyone else.

Kimberly Scott

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